FICS Treatment Form and Statistical Research

The new form was updated for the World Games 2013. FICS uses these forms to help standardize what information is collected during evaluation and treatment during events. The information on these forms is then collated for statistical purposes so we have data on what types of injuries are treated, what types of injuries are more common in a particular sport, what are the post treatment outcomes. Following the World Games this year, these results will be published as they were in 2009 by Dr. Deb Nook and her research team from Australia.

This form is being shared with members to give an evaluation/treatment form option as well as another way to obtain data in a standard format for those who wish to return those to FICS following an event. If this is to be the case then a notice must be posted that information on the form may be used for statistical/research purposes and participants have to sign a waiver. Prior to a large event if there is a desire to publish data this needs to be correlated through a college or the FICS Research Commission in order to obtain the necessary ethics protocols.

Click here to download a PDF of the form