Sports Chiropractic to Professional Athlete: Local chiropractor ready for WORLD DODGEBALL CHAMPIONSHIP

Dr. Piong Shun Zhe is a CDAHK chiropractor with daily clinical work of sports-related injuries. Now, he’s not only helping treat the country’s professional athletes, he also become a true team member, professional athlete at in the Hong Kong Dodgeball Team.

Piong is spending 18 days in Edmonton, Canada, with Hong Kong Dodgeball competing the WORLD DODGEBALL CHAMPIONSHIP

His chiropractic education allowed him to management his biomechanics and help his teammates in recovery.

Play as a national athlete means Piong gets to team up with the athletes and be a witness to the athlete’ dedication and mental toughness.

“A majority of us are not running with 100% function of their body,” Piong said, “so to see them still dodgeball at a world champion level is very impressive.” It will be another humbling experience for Piong, as he described it.

In many ways, working with national team is the pinnacle of sports. Piong still has other goals, namely to have a work-life balance experience, work as a doctor, life journey as a world championship.

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