Marietta, Georgia, April 16, 2018 – In preparation for competitions in the Tokyo
2020 and Beijing 2022 Olympics, Team China has joined with Life University (LIFE)
and its LIFE Sport Science Institute (LSSI) to establish a Chiropractic Performance
Center in Beijing. Spearheaded by Drs. David Bellin (Executive Director for LIFE’s
Global Initiatives), Peng Li (Post-Doctoral Fellow at Tsingua University and LIFE
alumnus) and John Downes (Vice President for LIFE’s Global Initiatives), the
Chiropractic Performance Center will incorporate the protocols utilized for LIFE
athletes in an interdisciplinary facility involving coaches, performance trainers and
other members of Team China.
“It is a great honor to sign this agreement following months of discussion and a
personal visit by the leadership of Team China to our campus and seeing the value
we place on Chiropractic being an essential component of athletic performance,”
says Life University Chancellor Dr. Guy Riekeman. “We look forward to this
opportunity to work with Team China and serve the athletes they are preparing for
LIFE, home to the largest single campus chiropractic program in the world, is well
equipped to open the Chiropractic Performance Center and provide the necessary
care to improve sport performance and injury rehabilitation to Team China athletes
in preparation for both the upcoming Summer and Winter Olympic games.
This announcement follows other recent news from LIFE’s Department of Global
Initiatives after their March opening of the Life University Chiropractic Center in
Kaifeng, China, a city with a metro-area population of nearly 5 million people. The
mission of LIFE’s Department of Global Initiatives is to support the development,
establishment and success of Chiropractic and a vitalistic paradigm around the

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