The Asia Games’s Experience From Hong Kong’s Metalist

The Hong Kong’s World Champions share their experience on how they recover from the injuries and persuade their dreams.

Shek Wai-hung has won Hong Kong’s first-ever Asian Games gymnastics gold medal with a top finish in the men’s vault final after his recovery from the cervical fractures of C4 and C5 vertebral bodies. He was able to outperform the Olympic champion, Yang Hakseon of South Korea at the Asia Games 2014.

Photo: Dr Eric Chu, Chairman of the Sports Chiropractic Council of Hong Kong China; Mr. Cheng Kwok Fai, Asia Games 2014 Windsurfing Gold Metalist; Mr. Shek Wai Hung, Asia Games 2014 Gymnastics Gold Metalist; and Me. Chan Chun Hing, Asia Games 2014 Cross Country Mountain Biking Silver Metalist;


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