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Promoting the Highest Standards of Competence

for Chiropractors Specializing in Empowering Athletes

to Maximal Performance

 Sports Chiropractic Council of Hong Kong China, known as 中國香港運動脊醫委員會, is dedicated to advance the prevention, chiropractic management and rehabilitation of athletic injuries by the chiropractic profession. We wish to protect the professional welfare and interest of the members of this council. The council assists in the promulgation of the science of chiropractic as a healing art, while encouraging the highest standards and morals of practice in our profession. Our council promotes scientific research in the field of athletic injuries. We also make an effort to disseminate information on athletic injuries and their treatment to the profession and to the members of the council. We believe in the importance of disseminating information on athletic injuries to the profession and to the members of the council. The council believes it is necessary to advance chiropractic spots medicine by means of research, education and public relations. Our profession also reaches out to other professions, building inter-professional bridges.

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